Barbell Jewellery

Our Story

Squat: 175

Bench: 115

Deadlift: 207.5

(No belts, no straps and only one whiff of ammonia)

My name is Nathan and I'm the creator of Barbell Jewellery, here is a little of the story behind the jewellery.

With an avid love of strength training and meticulous jewellery collector, Barbell Jewellery rose from the chalk dust in early 2017.

The barbell not only focused me on strength and aesthetics, but also form. I just didn't want to look a certain way but wanted to move a certain way. My goals always changed and evolved. From the first time I threw on 20kg/45lb plates or when I slide my first 140kg/315lb on to the bar. I was never satisfied and continued to push myself.

With this drive to better myself, fuelling a jewellery concept, I needed something more than aesthetic. I needed something that could evolve with my goals, and better yet, push me to go harder. I needed to create something that above all was made by a lifter for a lifter.

One morning under the bar, with 100kg/225lb loaded I thought, "why can't I wear this?" It was a question with no answer. "Why can't I wear my PR?" Excitement started to build. "Why can't it be made to look good?" It was a spark, a spark that turned into an idea and an idea into a product.

Question: Why are you holding a broom?

Answer: I don't know, I thought it would look cool!

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